Search Nominated Delegates

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Enter the detail(s) of the delegate(s) you want to nominate for the upcoming event. This helps to ensure no delegate gets an invite twice and also helps to avoid confusion around who deserves the commission.


The most effective search variable is email. However you can use a combination of email and Names of the prospective attendees you intend sending an email invite to. The search system can take multiple contacts at a goal. Simply copy and paste here and the system will notify if one or more of the contact on your list has already been nominated by another marketer or NOT.


Step 1 – Start by sourcing your delegates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Corporate Websites etc.

Step 2 – Arrange the contacts gathered in a text editor (Notepad) or Word Editor (MS Word).

Step 3 – Copy and paste a contact detail (Name & Email) and paste in the search above. You can also copy all  at a goal and paste.

Step 4 – If all the contact on your list don’t appear in the search result, it means no marketer has previously nominated them, then proceed to adding them on the portal using the “Add Nominees” button on your marketing dashboard. Else, carefully select the ones that have not already been nominated from your list and proceed to the next step.

Step 5 – Paste the Contact details (Name and Email) as arranged after giving the post a title such as ” My List 1 for today – 18th Sept, 2021″ then publish.